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So….Invite a friend/co-worker/neighbor to church!

This a GREAT video about how to invite people to Church. It just takes us taking the initiative to do it. As you will see, never JUDGE people or try to figure out just WHO you think you should ask! Ask EVERYONE–cast the “SEED” liberally! Trust God for the harvest!

So… how do we help “grow” the kingdom? Do we only “Hope” they will choose to come on their own?  Statistics prove that normally doesn’t happen.  We need to invite a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker… not once, not twice, but as the Holy Spirit guides us!!

Absolutely LOVED the distance the trip took in this video!!  🙂

This was too cute, too funny, and too true.  So, the next time you are heading to Hope UMC, remember to invite someone to share the ride!!  Fall activities will be beginning soon, and would be an excellent way to involve a new friend in Christ!