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Worship with us on Christmas Eve

This is a beautiful version of the song, “Mary did you know?”  And, yes, she did!  🙂

Let’s make sure we don’t overlook the true meaning of Christmas in our attempt to “get ready” for the holidays.

Join us for our regular morning worship this Sunday at 8:30 in Plover and at 10:00 in Poky. We will also have our Candlelight Worship Service on Christmas Eve at 5:30 in Poky. Please join us as we celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior.


Preparing our Hearts

As the countdown to Christmas draws near, remember that when Christ was born, so was our HOPE!


Thanks for supporting our Soup & Pie Supper

Below are a few shots from our annual Soup & Pie Supper on November 1st.  It truly does take the entire church working together to pull it off!  Thanks for the community and church support!  First, we start with our AWESOME noodle makers!  It is no easy task making all the delicious noodles!!  WOW!

And then comes in the hamburger-browning, chili-cooking crew!!

And of course, those pies don’t cut themselves!!

Of course, what is pie without coffee?  Thanks, Bill & Monica!

And we could not have a successful Soup & Pie without the help of our youth!  THANK YOU for your energy and willingness to serve!

Of course, there are dishes to be washed…

And the best STOVE TOP chili in the world!  🙂

…which requires soup to be served to our guests…

…and more dishes to be washed!!

and the difficult choice of what kind of pie to choose!!!

… AND, more chili to be served!

Hope UMC thanks EVERYONE who came and help prepare, serve, and clean up for our Soup & Pie Supper this year.  And a special thanks to everyone in our community who came out to enjoy our home-make soup!  The funds raised will help with many special church and mission projects!

Important CHANGES for Worship on Sunday, Nov. 5th

Okay, this Sunday, Nov 5th has a couple of key changes to be aware of….

First, it is Daylight Savings Time week-end, so don’t forget to set your clocks BACK,  (FALL BACK!)  so we all get an extra hour of sleep!  Whoo hoo!  And, for those of you who forget, you can have some quality quiet time alone with God until the rest of us arrive!  🙂  And in reality, that isn’t a bad thing either… so, sounds like a win-win situation either way!

The second change to remember is that our 8:30 am worship service is switching from Havelock and will now be at the PLOVER center for the months of November and December.

We “HOPE” to see you there, and bring a friend along too!

Soup & Pie Supper this Wednesday, Nov. 1st

We hope you will come and join us for our annual Soup & Pie Supper this week!  You can’t beat our famous home-made noodles for our chicken noodle soup, and if you prefer, we have a mean bowl of chili you can try!  And then there’s all of those delicious and delectable pies!  Bring it on, Wednesday!

Saturday Supper, Joy Bells, & Upcoming Soup & Pie

Wow!  There is lots going on this week at Hope UMC!

First, this Saturday, Oct. 28th is our monthly FREE SATURDAY SUPPER.  Please reach out to friends and neighbors and invite them to attend, especially if they may need to stretch their food dollars until the beginning of the month!


And, if you are planning on worshiping with us at the Poky Center this Sunday, you are in for a treat because the JOY BELLS will be ringing their praises to the Lord!  It is always such a delight to hear them play.


And last, but certainly not least, please mark your calendar for our annual Soup & Pie Supper on Wednesday, Nov. 1st.  Soon noodles will be made, chickens will be cooked, and chili will be stirred!   We “HOPE” you will join us then!

Pocahontas County Hunger Walk this Sunday, Sept. 24th

Join us for the POCAHONTAS COUNTY HUNGER WALK this Sunday, Sept. 24th @ 2:00 p.m.
** All funds raised stay in Pocahontas County
** Funds help keep the UDMO Food Pantry stocked
** Funds are especially needed to purchase perishable foods, especially meat and dairy products
** In July, UDMO served 118 Pocahontas Co.households; in June, they served 150 households!

Please meet at Hope UMC by 1:45 p.m. this Sunday to register.   To donate, have checks made payable to Hope UMC/UDMO Walk.  Remember, every dollar helps, so go get pledges from your family and friends today!!

So grab some friends, some pledges, and some walking shoes and let’s step it up to help  stock the UDMO pantry!

We “HOPE” to see you there!

A View from the Other Side

Sunday, Pastor Tom Carver, our District Superintendent, shared a message on “The View from the Other Side.” It was a great reminder that there is always more than just one point of view to see things from… that’s why God gave us two eyes instead of just one!

Thanks for the perspective check, Pastor Tom!  Let’s remember that we need to be Christ-like in our actions to everyone – – even those with different points of view from ours, just like Christ has been to each of us!  Thank heavens He doesn’t give up on us when our perspective is different from His!  Now that’s LOVE in action!


Promotion Sunday – Sept. 10th – with Juice & Donuts! YUM!

Join us this Sunday, Sept. 10th, for Promotion Sunday as we kick off Sunday School for all ages through adults. Classes start at 9:00 a.m., and please join us for donuts and juice in Fellowship Hall shortly before classes begin at 9:00!

And remember, our Fall worship schedule started last week, so worship at Havelock begins @ 8:30 a.m. and at Pocahontas @ 10:00 a.m.

We “HOPE” to see you there!!

New Fall Schedule begins!

Starting this Sunday, Sept. 3rd, our Fall Schedule will begin.  There will be two worship services:  one at Havelock @ 8:30 a.m. and a second at Pocahontas @ 10:00 a.m.

Wednesday School at Plover begins on this coming Wednesday, Sept. 6th @ 3:45 p.m.

Sunday School will resume at the Pocahontas Center on Sept. 10th for all ages, including adults, and Sunday School begins at 9:00 a.m.

We “HOPE” to see you there!