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Closed Caption options for videos

In case you did not know this was an option, you can select the closed caption [CC] options to watch any/all of our uploaded church services. We know that with our current system, it can be difficult to hear what is being spoken. The closed caption option will transcribe the words to the screen so you can read them as you watch/listen to the service. This works the same for the videos on both our church website as well as on our Facebook link.

The first time you click on the video, you move the mouse over the black diamond in the center of the vidoe to start play. The black diamond will turn RED as you hover over it to click on it.

After you click on the red triangle and the video starts to play, move the mouse cursor to the black bar on the bottom of the video screen. A menu will then show up, and look for the [CC] (closed captioning) symbol. If you click on it, the words (with the best of their ability) will show up on the screen to help you understand what is being said.

Hopefully this will help you “hear” the whole service better: seeing and hearing it together! Thanks to our faithful church member who asked about this, which helps those of us who didn’t know how to do this!

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