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Be sure not to miss this Nativity scene!

If you need something to perk up your holiday season, be sure to go for a drive North of Poky for an awesome nativity scene, complete with narration!

Go four miles north on Highway 4, and turn west on the Ware road. Drive another 4 miles west, and as you are driving you should see a bright star from afar on top of a bin!  As you approach that, there are the three kings dimly lit in the field on the right as you are approaching the bins. As you keep driving, the shepherds and angels are on the left side of the road.

Turn your radio onto 104.5 FM and you can listen to the Christmas story narrated as you drive through. Pull in and look at the stable, complete with LIVE animals – –  they are absolutely adorable!

Thanks to the Hopkins extended family for providing such a bright spot of the season!



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