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Virtual worship resumes at Hope UMC of Pocahontas County

Effective immediately Hope will resume having virtual worship only at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings due the high numbers of folks with COVID-19.  Virtual worship requires internet or phone to access the service.  For those who worshiped with us last spring virtually, we have your email address to send your link.  If you have changed or recently acquired email, please send us the email address you would like your worship link sent.  Please send it to by 4 PM Saturday.  Worship links will be emailed Saturday evenings.  If you desire a practice session, please let Pastor Kris know by noon Saturday and we will set one up for that afternoon. 

Guidelines for Virtual Worship

  • Please participate by audio and video if possible.  It is reassuring to others to see their church family in this time of isolation.
  • When not speaking please mute your microphone to cut down on background noise.
  • During some parts of the service everyone will be muted except the speaker.
  • Please be dressed and hair combed.
  • Please do not eat your breakfast on camera.
  • Remember, your camera shows what you put in front of it.  Make sure it is at an appropriate height (especially if you are sitting in a recliner).
  • Please login to the service between 10:15 and 10:25 PM.  We will start promptly at 10:30. 
  • Please do not share the link with others to prevent interruptions from hacking.
  • The scripture and message will be recorded and placed online on our Facebook page and website usually Sunday afternoon for those unable to participate in the virtual service.  Please “like” the service so we know you watched it. 
  • Those joining by phone please note that this is a long distance call if not using a cell phone.  Smart phones may join with both audio and video.

Remember to send you offering to:  Hope United Methodist Church

                                                                     PO Box 116

                                                                     Pocahontas, Iowa 50574

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