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On Palm Sunday, April 5 at 10:30 AM, we will be having live virtual worship using ZOOM, which is an interactive video platform for your computer/tablet/iPad or phone.  We will share joys and concerns, pray, share scripture, and close with the sacrament of communion.

If you can receive your email and have sound on a device, you will have the ability to participate.  Please email Pastor Kris at and let her know you want to attend worship via ZOOM by 8 PM Saturday.  This will allow time for her to email a link back to you.  You need to click on the Zoom link shortly before 10:30 Sunday morning, and if you have never used Zoom before, it will direct you to download what you need to open the link.  If you have family wanting to attend on more than one device, we need an email address for each device.  We can accommodate up to 100 devices at one time with email links.  Since we will be having communion, you need to have available before you login to the service bread/cracker and juice (any kind will do if you don’t have grape) for each viewer.  You won’t have time to get it after we begin.  This platform allows us only 40 minutes together.  ZOOM is an interactive platform so if your device has a camera, we will be able to see you (so please be dressed with hair combed) and with a mic we will hear you.  There is also a chat feature that allows a typed interaction for those without a mic.  Please note we will be recording this service.

For those who may be uncomfortable trying something new, we will have a practice session on Saturday at 1 PM Send Pastor Kris a separate email by 11 AM with PRACTICE SESSION in the subject box and she will send you a link specifically for the practice session only.  Each link is only good for a specific time and date.  Links are not reuseable.

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  1. Donna Hudson #

    YES!!! I will zoom 10:30 Sunday. Great idea

    Donna Hudson Hudson Realty 216 N Main St. Pocahontas, IA 50574 712-335-3817 712-358-0633 cell Licensed in Iowa

    April 3, 2020

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