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Hope will continue online worship for the month of May

** Hope UMC will continue online worship for the month of May.**

Dear Friends,

In light of the expectation that positive cases of COVID-19 will peak in Iowa in the next few weeks, I am strongly encouraging all United Methodist churches in Iowa to refrain from in-person worship until June 1, when I will reassess. I am going beyond the Governor’s recommendations despite my previously stated intention of following Governor Reynolds’ guidelines around worship.

My reasoning is that our first priority as disciples of Jesus Christ is to protect those who are most vulnerable, which includes the elderly, the very young, and those with underlying health conditions. Even though we all want to return to our churches and be a part of the body of Christ in person, I believe that it is more important to assure the safety of our communities from further infections.

John Wesley’s Three General Rules included: Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God. In the midst of our own personal desires to get back to normal, our faith requires us to seek the good of all. By practicing good judgment and common sense and out of a concern for the welfare of our neighbor, we must continue to stay the course by being diligent around social distancing and refraining from being in large groups. At the same time, there are ample opportunities to safely engage in mission and outreach in our communities.

In the Wednesday April 29 edition of the Weekly 360°, you will find a process for staged re-opening of local churches entitled, “Incremental Reentry Process for the Iowa Annual Conference.” I urge the clergy and lay leadership of every local church to read through it as you ready your congregation.

During the past five weeks, I have participated in a number of online worship services and have been truly blessed by your creativity, your deep desire to share Christ’s love in new ways, and your warm invitation to be a part of a faith community. Statistics are already showing strong indications of a resurgence in participation in worship and small groups.

These are not easy times. Yet the body of Christ remains strong and faithful and is making a huge difference in our state and around the world. I will keep you informed in the days ahead. May God bless you and keep you.

Bishop Laurie


Hope UMC Worship Service 4-26-2020

If you were unable to join us virtually for worship this morning, here is Pastor Kris’s message.  We “HOPE” you will be able to join us next Sunday.  Enjoy both the “sun” AND the “SON” today!

Please join us for Worship this Sunday

Happy Friday!  We will be worshiping again virtually this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.  For those of you who have joined us for the last couple of Sundays, you will get a new Zoom link in your email on Saturday night to use for Sunday morning worship at 10:30 a.m.

If you have not been able to join us yet, please send an email to Pastor Kris  ( by no later than 6:00 pm tomorrow (Saturday) and we will add you to our list.   If you have not joined us before and would like to have a practice session, you must also let Pastor Kris know that no later than 11:00 am tomorrow for a 1:00 practice session.

We pray you are staying healthy, and remember that although we may temporarily be parted from each other, we are NEVER separated from Christ!  In Him, our HOPE endures!

We “HOPE” you can join us this Sunday!


Pastor Rick Dee

Pastor Rick Dee, a former pastor at Hope UMC, passed away last Sunday, April 19th. His obituary is linked below. There is a livestream link included in it for those that want to attend the service this Friday at 11:00 a.m. Please keep the Dee family in your prayers.

Pastor Rick Dee’s Obiturary


Hope UMC Worship Service – 4/19/2020

Thanks for joining us for worship today, Sunday, April 19th.  If you know others that missed us, please let them know that they can find Pastor Kris’s message below!  We “HOPE” to see you again next Sunday!


Join us for Worship!

We hope you will join us this Sunday, April 19th for our virtual worship @ 10:30 am.

If you have joined us previously, we will email you a new link to use on Sunday morning.

If you have not joined us before and would like to, please send an email to Pastor Kris ( by 6:00 pm on Saturday night.

If you would like to join a practice session on Saturday at 1:00 pm to learn more about using this technology, please email Pastor Kris, at the same address above, no later than 11:00 on Saturday morning so a practice link can be emailed to you.

Please help spread the word!  We would love to “see” more of our church family and friends!!

The resurrection gives our lives meaning

Although Easter Sunday is past, let us not forget that because of Christ, we all get a “do-over!”  We “HOPE” to see you next Sunday at our virtual worship!

Easter Sunday Message

Happy Easter!  If you weren’t able to join us for virtual worship today, we hope you will enjoy the video of Pastor Kris sharing the scripture and her Easter message.  And the ending is a beautiful organ postlude of Chrsit the Lord has Risen Today!

We “HOPE” you can join us for worship next Sunday!



Christ is Risen! Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

We “HOPE” you can join us for worship tomorrow at 10:30 via Zoom.  Please email Pastor Kris @ by 6:00 pm tonight (Saturday, April 11th) so a link can be sent to you.