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Thanks for supporting our Soup & Pie Supper

Below are a few shots from our annual Soup & Pie Supper on November 1st.  It truly does take the entire church working together to pull it off!  Thanks for the community and church support!  First, we start with our AWESOME noodle makers!  It is no easy task making all the delicious noodles!!  WOW!

And then comes in the hamburger-browning, chili-cooking crew!!

And of course, those pies don’t cut themselves!!

Of course, what is pie without coffee?  Thanks, Bill & Monica!

And we could not have a successful Soup & Pie without the help of our youth!  THANK YOU for your energy and willingness to serve!

Of course, there are dishes to be washed…

And the best STOVE TOP chili in the world!  🙂

…which requires soup to be served to our guests…

…and more dishes to be washed!!

and the difficult choice of what kind of pie to choose!!!

… AND, more chili to be served!

Hope UMC thanks EVERYONE who came and help prepare, serve, and clean up for our Soup & Pie Supper this year.  And a special thanks to everyone in our community who came out to enjoy our home-make soup!  The funds raised will help with many special church and mission projects!

Important CHANGES for Worship on Sunday, Nov. 5th

Okay, this Sunday, Nov 5th has a couple of key changes to be aware of….

First, it is Daylight Savings Time week-end, so don’t forget to set your clocks BACK,  (FALL BACK!)  so we all get an extra hour of sleep!  Whoo hoo!  And, for those of you who forget, you can have some quality quiet time alone with God until the rest of us arrive!  🙂  And in reality, that isn’t a bad thing either… so, sounds like a win-win situation either way!

The second change to remember is that our 8:30 am worship service is switching from Havelock and will now be at the PLOVER center for the months of November and December.

We “HOPE” to see you there, and bring a friend along too!