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Saturday Supper, Joy Bells, & Upcoming Soup & Pie

Wow!  There is lots going on this week at Hope UMC!

First, this Saturday, Oct. 28th is our monthly FREE SATURDAY SUPPER.  Please reach out to friends and neighbors and invite them to attend, especially if they may need to stretch their food dollars until the beginning of the month!


And, if you are planning on worshiping with us at the Poky Center this Sunday, you are in for a treat because the JOY BELLS will be ringing their praises to the Lord!  It is always such a delight to hear them play.


And last, but certainly not least, please mark your calendar for our annual Soup & Pie Supper on Wednesday, Nov. 1st.  Soon noodles will be made, chickens will be cooked, and chili will be stirred!   We “HOPE” you will join us then!

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