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Last Sunday, interim Pastor Kris shared that often churches get too complacent and comfortable with the status quo.  This often tends to make us “less than willing” to step out and see what blessings God really does have in store for us.  As our church goes through this transitional time, let us be sure not to miss the blessings that God has already shared:

  1.  Our new Pastor Elijah – – obviously Satan is trying to derail the Word of God!
  2. Our interim Pastor Kris – – obviously God can always provide a temporary back-up plan!
  3. Our church family – – what a blessing it has been this summer to get to know our ENTIRE church family on a much better level!  Isn’t it amazing how Satan can plant seeds of frustration while God can use those very seeds as a blessing!  Is He good or what?!?
  4. Our current reality:  We can either sit back and do nothing (Satan’s plan) or we can STEP OUT in faith and be the disciples that Christ has called us to be!  Let’s rise to the challenge and be intentional on visiting our church family – – and not “PRESUME” that someone else will do it.  Let us STEP OUT and listen to our family’s needs and concerns, and pray with and for them.  Do you know who is missing among us?  Have you taken time to call and let them know that they are missed?   Jesus set the example with the parable of the Lost Coin, which is found in Luke 15:8–10.   Are we being that diligent with our very own church members?  Who is God laying on your heart to call and visit?

Together, if we are willing to follow God’s lead and listen to His plan, we will come out stronger and better.  Now, that’s called stepping out in faith!

We “Hope” to see you this Sunday at 9:00 a.m. worship!


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