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Winter Worship Schedule Begins – Plover @ 8:30 this Sunday, Dec. 4th

Well, December is upon us, and with that a flurry of faith and festivities galore!



First,  the Winter worship schedule begins this Sunday, Dec. 4th, so the 8:30 worship service  (from December through Februray) will be back at the Plover Center, so be sure to head the right direction this Sunday morning!

Also, we will be continuing with theDown to Earth advent study for the next several weeks. Advent is a season of anticipation and active participation as we welcome Jesus “Down to Earth.”  During this church-wide Advent study, worship themes will be on down to earth Love, Humility, Lifestyle, and Obedience.

What a blessing that God chose US to give His best. Present. EVER!!

“Hope” to see you on Sunday!



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