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Wondering about a weather cancellation??

In case you are wondering about weather cancellations for our church service or an evening meetings, please remember that you can check a variety of resources.  Those winterinclude:

  • Our  website: (  By signing up to automatically follow our site,  every time there is a new post (including weather cancellations) you will be notified via an email.  This is a great way to know “what’s happening!”
  • Our Facebook pageHope UMC – Pocahontas, Havelock & Plover
  • Email:  Large group emails will be sent
  • Telephone:  Phone tree calling may also be used
  • KCCI:  Channel 8 (CBS) TV in Des Moines
  • KICD:  107.7 FM Radio in Spencer

So, as you can see, there is a multitude of ways to find out if some activity at church may have been cancelled due to inclement weather!  So, stay tuned and stay safe!  🙂

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