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Thanks for another successful Soup & Pie Supper!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our annual Soup & Pie Supper another big success!  It is definitely a church-wide endeavor to say the least!  But it would not be a success without our community support!  So, THANKS to everyone who came out and enjoyed  some of our soup and pie that night!

Below are just a few pictures to show just a little glimpse of the Soup & Pie process:

First, Fellowship Hall is set up with LOTS and LOTS of tables!  (that are always full!)


The Noodle Ladies come in and make “oodles of noodles” for our homemade chicken noodle soup!


And then the men come and start frying LOTS and LOTS of hamburger for the chili.


Hmmm…. how many gallon cans of tomatoes does it take to make our chili anyway???


And of course, you can’t make boat loads of chili without sitting on the stove, right??


And next, the Homemade Chicken Soup making  begins!!


And, just a few of the awesome helping hands!!


And lots of soup means lots of dishes to wash…


And more of our “Souper” helpers!



And those men still have to keep stirring that chili!!


And did we mention, there are LOTS of dishes???


And more dishes???


And more great helpers!


And even help stuffing the soup bowls back in the corner cupboard!!


Are we done with dishes yet??????  🙂


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