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Ingathering Kits – – time to start gathering supplies

UMCOREIt’s that time of the year to begin gathering up supplies for our annual in-gathering kits.  This is an especially great time to buy the school supplies while the Back-to-School sales are in progress!  Below are the list of items needed for the school kits, health kits, layette kits, and a new adult Lit Kit.   If you are graciously donating one (or two!) of these kits, please have them to the church no later than October 26th.   There is a box for them in Fellowship Hall at the Poky Center.

FYI:  This list of supplies can also be found under the “About” tab, and is linked to the Missions tab, for future reference.

Thanks for being the hands and feet serving those in need!

School Kit Materials:crayons02_tns

  • 1 pair blunt scissors
    • Rounded tip only;
    • No plastic scissor blades please.
  • 3 pads of paper
    • Spiral- or top-bound wide-ruled pads (210 – 250 sheets total);
    • 150 sheets or less of loose-leaf paper can be substituted for 1 pad;
    •  Combination of spiral, top-bound, side-bound, or loose-leaf paper is acceptable;
    • No composition books, please.
  • 1 hand-held pencil sharpener
    • Must be at least 1″ long;
    • Remove from packaging.
  • 1 30-centimeter ruler
    • Hard or flexible;
    • Cartoon characters are acceptable;
    • No advertisements please.
  • 6 unsharpened pencils

    • No advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols please;
    • Cartoon characters are acceptable.
  • 1  two inch or larger-size eraser
    • No advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols please;
    • Cartoon characters are acceptable.
  • 1 24-count box of crayons
    • Only 24-count boxes please.
  • 1  14″ x 16″ cloth bag
    • Homemade or purchased bags are both acceptable;
    • Heavy-duty fabric only, such as denim, corduroy, drapery fabric, etc.;
    • No advertisements, religious, patriotic, military, or camouflage symbols please;
    • Closures are optional but must be buttons, snaps, or Velcro sewn in middle of opening.
  • Optional $2.00 per kit for shipping.

Assembly Directions for School Kit:

Place all loose items on top of paper.  Turn items sideways and slide into the cloth bag.  Fold over the top of the bog so loose items don’t fall out.


Health Kit Materials:bathrooms_supplies

  • 1 hand towel
    • 15″ x 25″ to 17″x 27″;
    • Kitchen, cleaning, and microfiber towels not acceptable.
  • 1 washcloth
  • 1 comb
    • Comb needs to be sturdy  and longer than 6″ long;
    • No pocket combs or picks please;
    • Rattail combs and combs without handles are acceptable with a minimum of 6 inches of teeth.
  • 1 metal nail file or nail clippers
    • No emery boards or toenail clippers please.
  • 1 bath-size bar of soap
    • 3 oz. and larger sizes only;
    • No Ivory or Jergens soap due to moisture content;
    • Do not remove from original packaging.
  • 1 toothbrush
    • Adult size only;
    • Do not remove from original packaging.
  • 6 adhesive bandages
    • ¾” to 1″-size;
    • Common household Band-Aids.
  • 1 plastic bag
    • One-gallon size sealable bag only.
  • $1.00 to purchase toothpaste
  • Optional $2.00 per kit for shipping

Assembly Directions for Health Kit:

Set the $1.00 for toothpaste aside to be included in a separate envelope. Lay out the hand towel flat on a table. Lay the washcloth flat in the center of the hand towel. Place all remaining items on top of the washcloth. Fold over the sides of the hand towel to cover all of the items. Fold over one end of the hand towel so that it covers all of the items. Grasp the bundle of items tightly and roll over the remainder of the hand towel tightly. Place the tightly rolled bundle in the plastic bag. Remove as much air as possible and seal the bag.

Layette Kit Materials:baby blankets

  • 6 cloth diapers
    • Prefolded or plain diapers only;
    • No disposable diapers
  • 2 gowns or sleepers
  • 2 receiving blankets
    • Sizes may range from 28×28 inches to 32×32 inches;
    • No crib blankets please.
  • 2 shirts
    • Undershirts or onsies
  • 2 washcloths
    • Infant size only;
    • No adult washcloths.
  • 2 diaper pins and 1 baby sweater (available at church!)

Assembly Directions for Layette Kits:

Lay one of the receiving blankets flat on a table. Set aside the diaper pins and place all remaining items on top of the blanket. Fold the blanket around the items and secure the bundle with the diaper pins.


NEW!!  Adult Lit Kit Materials:literacy

These kits provide supplies for adults taking literacy classes in Nigeria

  • 1  spiral note book
    • wide rule with 70 sheets
  • 1 package of 3″ x 5″ white index cards
  • 2 pencils with #2 eraser
  • 1 hand pencil sharpener
  • 1 Dry Erase Board (approximately 8″ x 11″)
  • 1 package Dry Erase Markers (total of 8)
  • Optional $2.00 for shipping

Important Notes:

  • All items must be new.
  • Do not wash any of the items as they will be considered used.
  • Please remove all packaging, unless otherwise specified.
  • All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations. Since strict rules often govern product entry into international countries, it is important that kits contain only the requested items, nothing more.
  • Do not include any personal notes, money, or additional material in the kits. These things must be painstakingly removed and will delay the shipment.

For other kit details and more information, click HERE!

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