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Check out the awesome Library Resources at Hope UMC!

A complete listing of ALL the books that are in the library at the Pocahontas Center of Hope UMC books2are now just a click away!  Thanks to Beth Wiemers (and family!) for undertaking this huge project.  We have SO MANY excellent books, and now you can peruse the title, topic, and author, all via our website!

What??  We have a library you say?  Why, yes we do!  It is located in the room off the downstairs Chapel, so go and see what we have to offer!!

Here are some helpful tips to help you navigate this awesome new resource:

First, there is a new LIBRARY tab on the top menu (between Photos & Prayer Request) for your easy access to this sight.

If the title is in blue, you may click on it and it will take you to an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Book link so you can read a brief synopsis of the book.  (They, of course, hope you will buy it!)  Some books will even let you preview several pages of the book so you can see if this is a book you might want to read.  Simply hit the back button (the arrow at the top left side of the page) and you will be right back to the list of available books.

Next, this great resource is divided into categories to help you find things quickly.  You can search for a resource in multiple ways.  If you want to search….

BookPileNow, to promote your physical exercise, after you find a book that you would like to read, you will have to get up and go to the church library.  (sorry – – no shipping it to your house!)  🙂

To check out the book, follow these super simple directions:

1. Select book (tape/dvd/cd)

2. Remove card from book pocket (inside front cover on books, on outside of case for tapes/dvds/cds) .

3. Write your name and the date you are checking it out on the card (pencils in cup on shelf).

4. Place card in small box on the bookshelf  – – see picture below.


Enjoy your book from our library!

RETURN PROCESS:   Simply put the book on the shelf labeled “Returned Books.”  Beth will put the cards back in the book pockets and re-shelve them. 🙂

Again, thanks to the Wiemers for helping make this such a user-friendly resource!  Let the summer reading program begin!

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