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Proclaiming the Kingdom… how’s your foundation?

So, as we continue our lenten learning, did you realize that the most influential sermon EVER was Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount?  Check out the Beatitudes in Matthew 5.  Also, this past week it was pointed out that the majority of Jesus’ teachings occurred on the mountainsides, something that was yet another “ah-ha” for me.  Seems to make sense that Jesus would feel a little closer to “home” on a mountainside, don’t you agree?  What a perfect place for Jesus to teach!  Adam Hamilton’s book, “The Way:  Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus,” highlighted that it’s important to not only consider what Jesus taught, but also how he taught.  There are three tips to keep in mind:

First, Jesus liked to teach using similies, or figures of speech.  (the kingdom of heaven is “like…”) which provided real-life examples for us to connect complex ideas to, because he knew we needed that in order to wrap our heads around them.

Second, as we know, he gave us easy-to-remember stories called parables to give us simple associations to connect to heavenly topics.  How many biblical parables can you list?  🙂  (without googling!!)

Third, Jesus taught by using many prophetic hyperboles – – using exaggerated points to help drive the point home.  (example:  if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out…)  Jesus was emphasizing the seriousness of sin, and yes, he wants us to take that seriously, yet not literally!  Does he have to tell us this a MILLION TIMES?  LOL

Jesus became human to reclaim us for the Kingdom… and help us understand our need to repent – – not just to ask for His forgiveness, but to also begin thinking AND acting differently, as Jesus modeled for us.  He gave us the foundation we need… which brings me to the following YouTube!  How many remember this song??



So, how’s your foundation?  Is it a little sandy, and in need of a little more help?  As we learn to walk in Jesus’ footsteps, our foundation can grow stronger, with the help of God’s mercy and grace.  Remember, we are not on this journey alone, and we can join this mountain top adventure with the greatest teacher ever!  Let’s proclaim God’s kingdom – – by our words and deeds – – for everyone to hear!  Are you humming that song again??

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