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King’s Kids!

We are very excited and happy to announce that King’s Kids, an amazing after school program for youth at Hope United Methodist Church had an AWESOME year!!

  • King’s Kids was held after school on Wednesdays at the Pocahontas Center of Hope United Methodist Church from 3:15 – 5:00 pm.
  • All children from Pocahontas and surrounding communities that are in Prep Kdgn. – 6th grade were invited to attend.
  • They met twice a month
  • The kids met at the west door of the elementary following dismissal from school and were escorted to the church by an adult to ensure their safety when crossing the highway/streets.
  • These were some of the activities that will be offered during

King’s Kids:

Snacks                 Games               Music

Bible Lessons     Crafts                Sharing of Joys & Concerns

Prayer Time        Service Projects    ETC!

  • When school was dismissed early due to nasty weather, King’s Kids was canceled.

Thanks to sending your children to participate in this great group.  And thanks to the many volunteers to helped to make it happen!

We hope to be able to continue with this program again next year!

God Bless!

HUMC Education Committee




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